Can you protect your incoming student in an emergency?

As recent experience shows, life can change quickly. As your student prepares to go to school, do you have everything you need to make sure an emergency won’t disrupt your lives?

Have the right documents in case of an emergency.

Many parents don’t realize that once their child turns 18, they no longer have the authority to make medical or financial decisions on their child’s behalf, even in an emergency.

Start your documents

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What you’ll need

Student Legal Forms offers you a simple, affordable and quick way to put in place the state-specific legal documents you need — Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney — to easily make those decisions for your student in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Documents Kit

  • Durable Medical Power of Attorney

    Lets parents make medical decisions and direct their child’s care.

  • HIPAA Authorization

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

    Permits healthcare providers to disclose medical information.

  • Durable Financial Power of Attorney

    Lets parents access rental units, pay bills and student loans, and manage a student’s affairs if they are incapacitated.

Student Legal Forms provides you
and your family peace of mind.


Without these documents in place, you could spend hours in an emergency proving you’re next of kin when you should be spending it with your child.


No need to parse through tedious legalese; every step is explained simply and clearly.


No need to set aside a day to take care of this project; filling out the required information will take fifteen minutes.


Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars an hour—but our documents are available for just $49.

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